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A Child Development Associate (CDA) is an individual who has successfully completed a CDA assessment and has been awarded the CDA Credential. S/he is able to meet the specific needs of children and works with parents and other adults to nurture children’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth in a child development framework.
EduWorkforce CDA certification training program is designed to be incorporated into the busy schedule of the students. Our wish is to reach as many teachers in heart and uplift them to their best potential. We take our training very seriously as it’s our interest that our students find and keep their jobs in early childhood education field. Also in the center of our goals is the safety and positive growth of children in the care of the child development associates.
CDA Settings
  1. Three Basic CDA Settings
    The Credential is awarded for three childcare settings: - Center-based: for which Candidates receive endorsements to work with infants and toddlers or preschool children; - Family Child Care - Home Visitor
EduWorkforce CDA  is for the student who wants to earn their CDA by obtaining a nationally- recognized early childhood credential - the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential, awarded by the Council for Professional Recognition. Our state of art program covers the essential development of young children, working with families and strategies for providing high-quality childcare. 

Participants who successfully earn this academic certificate from EduWorkforce Training and Consulting Inc. will have completed the required:
  • 120 hours of specified training,
  • Prepared the requisite Professional Portfolio and
  • Accompanying Reflective Statements of Competence, and are
  • Eligible to apply for a Child Development Associate Credential in Infant/Toddler, Preschool, Family Child Care or Home Visitor settings.

Students must complete
  • EduWorkforce CDA I, II, III, IV, and V to be eligible to take the CDA certification exam.
  • 120- Comprehensive Instructional Hour
  • 480- Work Hour 
CDA Scholarships
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CDA Scholarships
Course Content
EduWorkforce Training and Consulting Inc. CDA training course prepares the CDA candidate for application to the Council of Professional Recognition to receive the Child Development Associate certificate.  Candidates will examine and review the CDA 6 competencies and 13 functional areas and their integration with early childhood education theory and practice. The coursework also gives a step-by-step approach to activities necessary to develop the professional resource file and the completion of other essential preparation and documentation needed to obtain the credential.
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Child Development Associate Certification Program

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