EduWorkforce partner with businesses and organizations to create and manage turn key projects with goal of uplifting the community members. Do you or your organization thinking about ambarquing in a good cause? We can assist you in identifying causes that need your help. Please feel free to contact us about what we could accomplish together. EduWorkforce will develop for you programs that work for all.
  1. What's your Christmas Project?
    At EduWorkforce, we are looking for organizations to join our christmas give away initiative. We are collecting presents and gift cards for preschool children and educators. Contact us. Let make miracles happen.
  2. Give a Bright Future to Someone
    Participate in our scholarship program to open the road to a bright future for our prospective students. So many people life can be change in a positive way by your kind assistance toward their training tuition. Let create bright futures. Let provide financial freedom through education and training.
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Tuition Assistance Program
What's your Christmas Project
EduWorkforce is looking for individuals and organziations to assist low income students with their tuition, classroom supplies, textbook fees and more. 
Christmas is here. EduWorkforce is collecting donations that will go to local preschool children, teachers and assistant teachers. Contact us. Let make miracles.
Call us at 703-899-5371
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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